• Starter pack price of BGN 14.00 6.00 VAT included;
  • Airtime of BGN 10.00 3.00 VAT included;
  • BGN 0.108 per minute for calls to all national operators;
  • BGN 0.14 per message to all national operators.


Price: BGN 14.00 6.00, VAT incl.

Recharge* and make calls for BGN 0.108 per minute to all operators in Bulgaria!

Standard starter pack price BGN 14.00
Promotional starter pack price BGN 6.00
Standard airtime included BGN 10.00
Promotional airtime included  BGN 3.00
Outgoing calls 0.108 per minute
SMS 0.14 per message

*Upon activation of Call-Yo starter pack, the customer receives a special price of BGN 0.108 to all national operators for 30 days after the activation date. If during that period the customer recharges a value of BGN 10.00 or more, the period for using the bonus price will be prolonged with 30 days. With each recharge, equal or higher than BGN 10.00 VAT Incl. you talk for only BGN 0.108 per minute with all national networks.  If there is no recharge or upon recharge of a value lower than BGN 10.00, the price per minute for national calls after the expiration of the 30-day period will be BGN 0.34 per minute.


  • BGN 10.00 VAT incl airtime included;
  • Upon recharge equal to or greater than BGN 10.00 – special price of BGN 0.108 per minute to all national operators;
  • Call forwarding;
  • Call hold;
  • Call waiting;
  • Caller ID;
  • Free SMS notification message when caller is available;
  • Free Missed Call Notification;
  • Free access to Customer service 24/7;
  • Automatic access to 3G network.

Calls to all national networks 30 days after activation/ recharge of BGN 10.00 and more BGN 0.108 per minute
Calls to all national networks if there is no recharge of BGN 10.00 or more for 30 days after the activation/ last recharge BGN 0.34 per minute
SMS to VIVACOM mobile network BGN 0.14 per minute
SMS to other mobile networks BGN 0.14 per message
International SMS BGN 0.30 per message
MMS to all national mobile operators BGN 0.60 per message
WAP via CSD BGN 0.11 per minute
Calls to international destination Group I  BGN 0.72 per minute 
Calls to international destination Group II BGN 1.52 per menute 
Calls to international destination Group III BGN 1.92 per menute

Special terms and conditions:
1) Charging is per second. Minimum call charge is 60 seconds, followed by per second charging.
2) The airtime included in the starter pack cannot be used to value added services numbers 
3) Data is charged at rate increment of 1 KB.
4) Alternative fixed network with connectivity to VIVACOM mobile network are: ITD Network, Blizoo (Eurocom/Cabletel), BTC Net, Varna Net, Vestitel BG, Vmobile, Global Communication Net, Gold Telecom, ESCOM, Interbild, Interoute, ETTC, CBM as Fixed, Mobiltel as Fixed, NetConnectInternet, NET IS SAT, Networks-Bulgaria, Netfinity, Skat TV, Spectrum Net (Orbitel), Telecom 1, Max Telecom.
5) The validity period of the prepaid card, if there are no outgoing events, is 12 months (1-11 months incoming and outgoing calls, 12 month only incoming calls). If the client does not make first call for 12 months after the card was bought, the validity period starts automatically. 

6) The change in promotional price per minute to 0.108 BGN becomes effective for new activations as of 24.03.2012. For existing customers it will become effective upon the first promotional recharge after that date.  

7) Calls to 0700 numbers are charged BGN 0.34 VAT incl.