Talk freely with all and get mega many minutes to national and international networks!
Up to 1800 minutes for call to all fixed and mobile networks in Bulgaria and above 50 other countries
BGN 0.19 per minute to all national networks






 Monthly fee

BGN 9.80

BGN 19.80

BGN 29.80

BGN 99.80

 Included minutes to all fixed and mobile networks in Bulgaria, over 50 other countries and roaming in EU





 Usage in VIVACOM network, after included national minutes 






 National calls










Included minutes within VIVACOM network for MegaCall M, MegaCall L and MegaCall XL are valid only after the initially included minutes to all operators are used up. Maximum amount of minutes that can be used for International group 2 and roaming in the EU is: 20 for MegaCall S, 50 for MegaCall M, 60 for MegaCall L и 180 for MegaCall XL.

This plans special tariffs VAT included:
SMS to VIVACOM mobile network BGN 0.14 per message
SMS to other mobile networks BGN 0.14 per message
International SMS  BGN 0.21 per message
MMS to all national mobile networks BGN 0.60 per message
WAP via CSD  BGN 0.06 per minute
Video calls to VIVACOM mobile network BGN 0.49 per minute 
Video calls to other mobile networks BGN 0.59 per minute 
Calls to international destination Group I BGN 0.36 per minute
Calls to international destination Group II BGN 0.76 per minute
Calls to international destinaton Group III BGN 1.26 per minute
Video calls to all international destinations  BGN 1.62 per minute 
Special terms & conditions:
1) In case of first activation, a guarantee deposit on starter pack  of BGN 15 is required at time of purchase. The prepayment is reimbursed in the second invoice after payment of your first invoice by the due date, and if it is less than the prepayment, it will be reimbursed in the following invoices until full refund.
2) Charging is per minute.
3) Data is charged at rate increment of 1 KB.
4) Included minutes/MB cannot be used for calls to value added numbers, 0700 and in roaming. The unused included minutes/MBs, are not rolled over to the next month.
5) In case of change of price plan, the unused minutes from the old plan will not be carried over.  
6) For the period of activation /signing of the contract until the date of the first billing cycle, the subscriber pays a proportional part of the monthly subscription fee that is corresponding to the number of days in which the services were provided. For the same period, the subscriber is able to use the respective proportional part of the services, included in the monthly subscription. The monthly billing cycles of VIVACOM could be on 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd day of the month.  
7) Alternative fixed network with connectivity to VIVACOM mobile network are: ITD Network, Blizoo (Eurocom/Cabletel), BTC Net, Varna Net, Vestitel BG, Vmobile, Global Communication Net, Gold Telecom, ESCOM, Interbild, Interoute, ETTC, CBM as Fixed, Mobiltel as Fixed, NetConnectInternet, NET IS SAT, Networks-Bulgaria, Netfinity, Skat TV, Spectrum Net (Orbitel), Telecom 1, Max Telecom.
8) Minimum contract length is 1 year.
9) All prices are VAT incl. 
10) The initial financial limits for plan(s) VIVACOM MegaCall S/M/L is 30 BGN. The initial financial limits for plan(s) VIVACOM MegaCall XL is 90 BGN. When changing the subscription plan to one with higher parameters the specified financial limit changes according to the price list of VIVACOM, whereas it will be consistent with the limit of the new plan.

Add an extra to your subscription plan!

+Data +VIVA +Group +VIVA Fix +SMS






+SMS&MMS +World +BG





Roaming Data

+Roaming EU +Roaming Data&SMS +VIVA Bipper Alarm +VIVA Bipper Control +VIVA Bipper Location

+Roaming EU


+ Alarm

+ Control

+ Location



*Read more about data charging scheme