Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet

When you are in motion and you need an always-on Internet connection!

 Check your e-mail box in motion

 Search the necessary information while travelling

 Enjoy yourself in Internet in WAP portals, by chatting with friends, downloading melodies, images and games

The mobile Internet gives you easy and convenient access to information and services in Internet, by using your mobile phone! You can use mobile Internet even on you computer by a data cable, Bluetooth, IrDA or other devices for data transfer.

Thanks to 3G network fast access to online games, TV and video streaming is possible. To use the service in the 3G network it is necessery to have a 3G phone or another 3G data device (PCMCIA Data Card или USB Modem).

Internet for phone

phoneIf you need to use mobile Internet more actively, temporarily - while travelling on business or you are just in a holiday, you can use +Data packages at price from BGN 5.80 per month and up to 1500 MB included at full speed*.
You can add additional traffic to your plan by calling 123 for the needed period. All this at very reasonable price!
*the service is available only for mobile VIVACOM

See detailed information about the packages here.

Internet settings to your phone

To use Internet on your phone, your phone needs to be set for transmission over an access point to the Internet.
Check how to configure you phone HERE

Mobile Internet for Prepaid card

If you are using mobile prepaid serbice you can add mobile Internet with additional package +Get Data at price from BGN 1.00!

Mobile Internet abroad

If you are planning a trip abroad but you want to browse with your phone check our offers for additional packs +Roaming Data&SMS and +Balkan Roaming Data

 Important: In order to avoid unexpected high bills bills for mobile data usage in Roaming, please check in the settings menu of your phone if this option is off. If you decide to leave/turn it on, we advise you to attach a data bolt-on with Data for use in Roaming!


Internet for tablet and laptop


laptopAlways on access and high speed - Traffic Unlimited 
If you want always to have highspeed Internet access while you are in motion the most appropriate for you service is VIVACOM Traffic Unlimited.
For reasonable monthly rental charge* you get fast and qualitative unlimited Internet access in the best 3G network*

*Maximum speed for data transfer in VIVACOM 3G mobile network: download rate: 42 Mbps, upload rate - 5.74 Mbps;
Maximum speed for data transfer in VIVACOM 2G mobile network: download - 236.8 Kbps, upload rate - 118.4 Kbps

See detailed information about the packages here.

Besides via your mobile phone, you can use the Traffic Unlimited service also with data devices as 3G USB modem.


       Huawei E173        Alcatel X220L       Huawei E3131          Huawei E353 

Data charging scheme

            Step 1              Step 2

Price per MB

Until reaching bill from mobile internet of BGN 40.00 the price per MB is as per the tariff plan.

After reaching bill from mobile internet of BGN 40.00 the price per MB is BGN 0.08.

The Data Charging Scheme protects the clients from unexpectedly  high bills. On step 1 the price per MB is as per the clients' tariff plan until reaching bill from mobile internet of BGN 40.00. On step two the price per MB is BGN 0.08. The clients continue to surf at maximum speed.

VIVACOM recommends its clients to add an unlimited mobile data internet package +Data to their plans.

All prices are VAT included.