Talk freely from your home telephone to anyone within the VIVACOM mobile network!


  • Add +MOBI to any home telephone subscription plan of VIVACOM!
  • Take advantage of the lowest price for calls to other mobile operators!!
  • Add + MOBI only for BGN 1.00!

Prices of +Mobi, VAT incl.
Standartd monthly fee BGN 1.00 
Calls to VIVACOM mobile network BGN 0.00
Calls to other mobile networks BGN 0.15
Call set up charge BGN 0.132


  • +MOBI is a mobile number that is added to an existing fixed line. This way you get fixed and mobile services on one and the same terminal, without any further action from your part.
  • For outgoing calls to fixed numbers, calls are carried by the fixed number. For outgoing calls to mobile numbers, calls are carried by the mobile number.
  • Incoming calls to fixed and to mobile numbers are received on the same terminal.

Special terms & conditions:
1) The service is available to business and residential customers, who use telephone lines on time based charging.
2) The minimum contract duration is 1 year.
3) Some additional mobile servicesare are not available for + MOBI, as sending SMSs and MMSs.
4) Charging is per second. Minimum call duration is 60 seconds.  
5) For the period of activation /signing of the contract until the date of the first billing cycle, the subscriber pays a proportional part of the monthly subscription fee that is corresponding to the number of days in which the services were provided. For the same period, the subscriber is able to use the respective proportional part of the services, included in the monthly subscription. The monthly billing cycles of BTC could be on 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd day of the month.  

Special terms and conditions of +Mobi