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Switching / Subscribing to VIVACOM fixed network

How can I subscribe for a home telephone?

Please visit your nearest authorized dealer and request activation for new services. You must bring your current ID card for identification purposes.

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How is the fixed number portability done?

Step 1:Visit one of the VIVACOM shops

  • Fill out a form to submit your wish to transfer to another operator
  • Choose the contract or pre-paid plan that you want to use and take your new SIM card(s). The number of SIM cards depends on how many numbers you want to migrate
  • Within 3 do 5 working days, we will contact you to set a date for the actual transfer.


  • You can transfer as many numbers as you want, as long as for each one of them you have been an active user of your operator for at least 3 months at the moment you inform your operator of your intention to transfer.
  • You can transfer your fixed number only if it is digital. Analogue number transfer is not possible.

Step 2: The transfer date.

  • In the period of actual number transfer there might be interferences during using the number within 3 hours


  • All sums owed between the time of receiving the certificate and the actual transfer must be paid to your old operator.

You can become VIVACOM subscriber in the following VIVACOM stores


  • VIVACOM will inform its subscribers/users about a transfer of a number from its network through a signal. The specified signal is with 3-second (three) duration, after which the subscriber/user will have 2 (two) seconds to choose to end or to proceed with the call.
  • For both duration of the signal and time for choice, the subscribers/users will not be charged.

Transferring from VIVACOM to another fixed operator.

To port your number from the VIVACOM network you must visit a shop of the receiving operator and submit a written application. Within 2 working days your new operator will contact you to set a date for the actual transfer
All VIVACOM subscribers, mobile (prepaid and postpaid) and fixed, can transfer their number(s) to another operator.    

If you are dialing a transferred from the VIVACOM network number you will hear the following signal:

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How much will it cost to port my number?

From 06.08.2010 number portability is free. Only you may be required to pay all obligations to your current provider, including outstanding amounts and leasing taxes.

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Can I port in my number if I have a contract with my current provider?

Yes, you can port in your number to VIVACOM, however you may be required to cover all outstanding amounts and leasing taxes. Please contact your current provider for more details.

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