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(31.05.12) VIVACOM Loyalty program provides family visit to Disneyland Paris

Спечели екскурзия до DisneyLand Paris Two families will receive return tickets to Paris, paid hotel and tickets for the amusement park only against their VIVACLUB

Sofia, May 31, 2012 - Two Disneyland Paris family packages with included air tickets, hotel and the amusement park tickets can win holders of loyal customer's card of VIVACOM - VIVACLUB. Everyone who uses at least one of the subscription services of the telecom for the last six months and has no late payments in practice can have such a card.

To secure a chance for one of the two family packages, the users must register and give correct answers to three questions related to VIVACOM Loyalty program, and the winners will be drawn by lottery. The game will be available from tomorrow on the corporate site of the operator / igra, and on the official Facebook page for 24 days. If the participant does not have an issued card, but meets the definition of loyalty, he can declare it for free on 123 number and receive his card number at the time of the call.

The big prize of the game includes tickets for four for the route Sofia-Paris-Sofia, all airport taxes, 2 entrance tickets for adults and 2 children tickets for a three-day visit to Disneyland Paris as well as vouchers for hotel accommodation. The smaller award provides one-day visit to the amusement park as well as airline tickets, hotel accommodation and airport taxes.

* * *

To be a loyal customer of VIVACOM, one must use at least one of the telecom subscription services for residential customers - fixed, mobile, Internet or TV, to have been an active customer for the past 6 months and not to have late invoice payment for this period. If one meets these three conditions, he is automatically included in the program and receives one of three levels of loyalty and may declare his VIVACLUB card for free on 123.

With VIVACLUB every loyal customer has the opportunity to use discounts for nearly all public services - from household products to banks and car companies, and special offers for phones, laptops, tablets and other equipment. Discounts reach 50% and apply to each loyal customer, regardless if he uses one or several VIVACOM services. The only condition for the user to get advantage of the offer is to carry its VIVACLUB card.