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(23.05.12) Telephone Palace turns into a computer keyboard with illuminated messages

 Telephone Palace turns into a computer keyboard with illuminated messages

Sofia, May 23, 2012 - The project "Let's the keys talk in a way that our words shine" of Branimira Slavova Koleva, won first place in the VIVACOM Art Hall and Sofia Design Week contest for artistic transformation of the facade of the Telephone Palace. In the competition took participation 97 projects of architects, artists, painters, designers, urban spaces designers and other citizens with regard to the public spaces. The winner became clear today at a special event at VIVACOM Art Hall. The young architect won 3000 bgn and the opportunity and budget for implementation of her project, which will be exposed to a huge canvas in the city center for three months.

The project of Branimira gathered the most votes from the jury with the original idea to transform the facade of the Telephone Palace into a computer keyboard, turning each window into a key. "Transformation provokes the senses, and this leads to communication which primary purpose is exchange of information, ideas and messages. We are in the era of the computer and it is the one that opens our windows to the world. That is why I chose the project for conversion of the facade of the Telephone Palace to be aimed at the windows and their transformation into a non-traditional keyboard. Through lightening of the different keys at night, the keyboard will "write" different words and so the new face of the facade will spread relevant messages to the citizens, "explains her creative idea Branimira.

"In the competition participated three proposals of different authors who had worked on the idea of ​ the keyboard as a symbol of modern communications, but the idea of ​​Branimira is developed at greater depth, including the option to write messages with different social context " shared Adriana Mihailova, a member the jury from VIVACOM. "We received many original and creative ideas, but all judges rated highest those that have an element of interactivity and interpret the idea of ​​modern communications. So we decided also to give a special award from 1000 bgn to the project "Interactive transformation" of Phormatic Visual Lab studio, which impressed us with the idea of ​​mobile application software, with which anyone will be able to change the appearance of the building through screening of animations on the facade. Hopefully in the future we will be able to realize this idea with them ", she added.

Competition winner Slavova-Koleva is 34 years old and is married with two young children. He is currently on maternity leave, but in general is mainly engage in the design of residential buildings and interior designs in a small architectural studio.

The contest entitled TRANSFORMATION aims to preserve the traditional function of the Telephone Palace building as an intermediary in communications and to transform it into a modern urban location for meetings and events through its arts and culture adjoining hall. The condition that the project must meet is the transformation of the facade of the Telephone Palace without permanent distortion or alternation of the appearance of the building, which is pronounced a monument of culture. The project is considered by the Ministry of Culture and the National Institute of Immovable Cultural Heritage and will be implemented upon approval.