Press Releases

(29.06.12) 5 times cheaper roaming with the Balkan countries from VIVACOM

Within the EU the telecom provides up to 28% lower roaming prices and 50% cheaper data

Sofia, June 29, 2012 - From 1 July VIVACOM starts offering new additional packages for calls and internet in roaming with neighboring Balkan countries that are not EU members. The bolt-on + Balkan Roaming provide an average of 5 time lower prices for calls when customers talks to telecoms in Albania, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.

Both packages provide choices for calls between 10 or 70 incoming and outgoing minutes for roaming to partner networks of VIVACOM in the five Balkan countries at prices of 15 and 65 bgn. The extra bolt-on + Balkan Data 5 also provides 5 MB in roaming in those countries at a cost of 10 bgn. All three packages can be added if necessary to any of the current tariff plans of VIVACOM depending on the user needs.

From 1st of July VIVACOM reduces further between 17% and 28% the rates for all incoming and outgoing calls and SMS messages in roaming for all countries within the EU. The decrease in the transmission of data will exceed 50%.