VIP Business

VIP Business

Integrated voice service for your business, based on IP connectivity  

  • Cost saving solution leading to bandwitdth utilization
  • Multiple voice sessions - up to 30 simultaneous calls
  • Guaranteed capacity per call
  • Additional supplementary services and rich communication features
  • Flexible and effective way for communication
  • Included minutes in package to fixed and mobile VIVACOM subscribers

VIP Вusiness provides customer access to the VIVACOM network over IP secure connectivity with ability for transferring voice services.
VIP Business is a flexible and cost saving solution same as the standard voice telephony with ability for providing different supplementary services and features. VIP Business enables businesses to achieve superior results by designing, building and managing their communications networks.

The service is applicable for new and existing VIVACOM customers.

Service requirements: 

  • Enterprise IP based device, supporting the required communication protocols
  • Direct link with the VIVACOM network with the required capacity for service provisioning
  • Contract for the particular VIP Business tariff plan

Service features:

  • Flexible solution, provided with different tariffs, covering the specific need of your business.
  • Reliable IP connectivity to the customer premises.
  • Guaranteed symmetrical speed per voice channel.
  • Up to 30 voice channels per tariff.

For additional information call your VIVACOM Account Manager or VIVACOM Call center at 121.

Technical specifications of the service