Shared SMS

Shared SMS

Unique shared packaged for your business' specific telecommunication solutions

Shared SMS is the only service of that kind on the Bulgarian market. It gives you:

 Better and flexible ay of using the SMS service.

 Wide scope of the service application
 The opportunity to combine the benefits of Shared SMS with the benefits of Shared Data and bSMS for many telecommunication solutions

Shared SMS is a service that gives you the opportunity of sharing one SMS package between many users /SIM cards/.

Shared SMS is designed for your specific business needs:

  • Shared SMS is offered with 6 attractive packages of included SMSes, that could be used simultaneously from more than one business subscriptions of a business client.
  • Every SIM can use SMSes according to its individual needs.
  • Shared SMS can be combined with other services for specific telecommunication solutions as Shared Data and Business SMS.


The service is available with all devices with GSM-unit.

For additional information call your VIVACOM Account Manager or VIVACOM Call center at 121.