Professional Internet Services

Professional Internet Services

If Internet connectivity is important for the development of your business, only the professional web services of VIVACOM will meet your ever-growing requirements. Our web services are based on IP / MPLS network. VIVACOM national coverage is spread over 140 cities throughout the country.

There are three different types of services:

  • Internet Business
  • Office Internet
  • Local Internet


  • Symetrical channel to access the global network - download/upload - 1:1
  • Guaranteed speed in both directions - download and upload
  • Reverse resolving for registered IP addresses
  • Two possible types of routing - static or dynamic (in BGP4), complete or partial BGP sessions
  • Complete reserve of linkage


High degree of services accessibility - you can connect VIVACOM by:

  • MAN
  • MAN Intercity
  • Leased lines, etc.

Guaranteed quality parameters such as:

  • Package loss
  • Time delay
  • Time to restore service


  • Internet-based tools for monitoring - via web interface, you can track the status of the service you use
  • Technical support 24x7x365
  • Agreement on a technical level of service (SLA - Service Level Agreement)
  • Services are based on our IP / MPLS network, which provides reliable connectivity between offices and customer points of presence of VIVACOM in Bulgaria (more than 140 cities across the country)
  • Terrestrial connectivity to international internet providers with capacity over 20 Gbps (Tier 1). It guarantees a minimum time delay. No use of satellite transmission
  • Local (BG peering) capacity is over 90 Gbps with other ISP's in the country.

For more information please contact your Account Manager or dial 121.